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what a great chance!

chris q

Beautiful photos! Hope you said something about the necessity of an airport if they expect tourists, as I for one could not take 25 hours on a ship with living quarters that look like that! Those are quarters for an overnight crossing. I think the cost of it is way too expensive for most tourists, but then maybe that is what they want, an exclusive experience.

Karen B

Wow...looking forward to the next set of photos. Meanwhile, "fam tour" = familiarization tour.


Oh gosh. I have to make sure my sweetie never finds these photos, or he'll want to hop on a plane to get there ASAP! Actually, /I/ want to hop on a plane and go there. 16 + 25 hours in cramped quarters would be a small price to pay to escape the Midwest (which is currently covered in piles of evil snow).


Kat, it really was!

Chris Q, there were once good reasons for not having an airport, and I'll go into those in a later post. I agree that it's prohibitively expensive and of course my recommendations included creating more ways to get to the island and reducing prices somehow. But most of the others disagreed suggesting that the islands would be better off remaining, like you said, an exclusive experience.

Thansk Karen!

Tamara, there are probably more accessible tropical paradises (my parents leave for Negril, Jamaica in a few days, the lucky bastards). But I do think the Ogasawaras are worth the trip.

One thing though, I didn't consider our quarters to be cramped at all, I thought they were quite spacious compared to what I've experienced. A 2nd class ticket would offer more space (but you'd have to sleep on the floor and share the very large room with a couple dozen strangers), and there's lots of space on the boat to roam around. I never felt claustrophobic at all.


Wow, that looks like a great oppurtunity! GOing back to the yukata thing, I suppose I'll have to find whoever does the yukata for the sumo wrestlers and throw myself at their mercy! :P Of course, it would help if I could hurry up finishing the degree and GO to Japan already...


Sarah, I asked about that and was told that although mens fabric bolts are a bit wider, the patterns are usually not suitable for women. They humoured me though and let me look through what they had, but they were right: nothing appealed to me. But you might have different tastes or find a better selection, and by the time you get to Japan there may indeed be yukatas for Amazons.


Amy, that sunset photo is magnificent...


Hi there Amy!

Looks like you won the lottery with this trip.

Look forward to reading more of your account in Part 2.


baby crib

Nice pictures! I like it! The photo with the sunset is so beautiful! I hope I can also get a chance to go here!

Speak Japanese

WOW! I wish I had done something like this while I lived in Japan


Really great view .Must visit place .
Clean Whites


Hi Amy,

I'm looking into going to the Ogasawara Islands this May but I'm now a bit double-minded. What would you recommend - the Ogasawaras or the Izu islands?



what a pretty place!


Hi Amy
Its Mark from HappyRaft.
Great Blog and Pictures!
Makes me want to go back.
Come down to Shikoku and see us sometime.


You are so lucky to have had a trip like that! I think I will bring my family there. It seems a perfect son gift. thanks for posting.


looks wonderful, thank you for your nice story.
i hope to go at end of april.
can i ask you some advice; do u know a great hotel in tokyo?

mark/ amsterdam


Hi Amy! Your photos are great. I'm glad you could join this trip. I also had a chance to go, but my schedule couldn't accommodate the date. So, I went to Hachijojima in the Izu Islands instead. Please have a look on my Chibaraki blog.


Sai, it really depends on how much time you have and what you want to do. If you just want a nice beach, the Izu Islands may be better (Niijima is known for its beaches but most other Izu Islands have decent ones as well). Likewise if you just want to swim with dolphins (Mikurajima and Miyakejima are the places to go). But if you want the above plus truly spectacular scenery, few tourists, and whale watching, go to Ogasawara.

Hey Mark (HappyRaft), great to hear from you. How's the rafting down in Shikoku this season?

Mark (Amsterdam), do you mean a hotel in mainland Tokyo or a hotel in Ogasawara? Lots to choose from either way and it depends on your budget.

Thanks Erizabesu. That's really too bad you couldn't make it. I did read about your trip to Hachijojima and it looked great. I've always wanted to go and now the ferry ride no longer looks so daunting after Ogasawara! Interestingly the two places share a lot of culture, as I think some of the original Japanese settlers came from Hachijojima (and later on Hachijojima is where some of the banished Japanese Ogasawara residents went when their islands were under American control post WWII).

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